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    1. Arch Coal Foundation

      The Arch Coal Foundation was formed in December 2005 with an initial endowment from Arch Coal, Inc. These funds are used to support organizations who engage in improving the quality of life in the communities in which we operate. Our contributions emphasize education, culture and the environment.

      Education has traditionally been one of the largest areas of giving for Arch Coal because we believe quality education enhances our country’s competitiveness and advances our future. Our commitment includes the Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Awards, recognizing top classroom teachers in Wyoming, West Virginia and select counties in Utah, and the Arch Coal Innovative Teaching Grants Program in parts of Colorado. In addition, Arch Coal has granted more than 250 scholarships to employees’ dependents seeking secondary education.

      In the area of arts and culture, Arch Coal has made significant contributions in the communities in which we live, supporting everything from large cultural institutions to local arts groups, including the University of Wyoming Art Museum, the MUNY Opera and the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.

      The Foundation also supports organizations working to improve the environment. Arch is a major sponsor of University of Wyoming's Clean Coal Technology Center. Past contributions have supported the Conservation Fund and reforestation research through West Virginia University.

      Nearly all of our financial support goes to organizations in the primary states in which we operate: Wyoming, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kentucky and Virginia.

      The Arch Coal Foundation does not solicit funding requests. That’s why you won’t find an application form here. However, we do seek public nominations for the Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Awards program. Visit www.archteacherawards.com for more information on the public nomination process that ultimately recognizes top teachers in Wyoming and West Virginia with $3,500 cash awards.

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